Mushroom Compost Mixers

We have been rebuilding and fabricating new mixers for the mushroom growers of Southeast Pennsylvania and elsewhere for over 60 years. Our experience in the industry helps us customize the product to your application. Our experience in other industries helps us innovate solutions.

Whether you need a new drum only or an entire mixer unit let us help you make the most of your upgrade or expansion. Call for pricing and more information today. 800.326.9349

The variable speed direct drive system eliminates the need for hydraulic pumps, motors, hoses and oil

This drive system allows precise control of the discharge rate.

By using a variable frequency control you can become much more energy efficient as well as eliminate the mess of hydraulic oil everywhere

Loading & Discharge Doors

Double load doors speed loading and clean out

Drums can be made up to 20 cubic yards and larger

Various loading and discharge doors for your application

Stainless Steel Mushroom Mixers

Stainless provides the longest mixer life in damp and corrosive applications

Traditional Rex style horizontal mixer with a stainless drum

Drum Interior of a stainless horizontal mixer - Quick Open hatches provide easy access