Load and Go Ready Mix Truck Wash® in the News

Shumaker Industries and Key Solutions has been awarded the Most Innovative Product at the 2018 World of Concrete Convention for the industry leading ready mix truck wash.

This innovation features…

  • an interactive mixer position recognition (IMPR)
  • upgraded PLC which directs the driver through the wash process via a red/yellow/green light as well as coordinates the correct spray bars to be activated per the mixers location
  • redesigned stainless-steel spray bars
  • mirror level truck-placement guides and/or wheel-guides to prevent trucks from hitting wash racks
  • methodical application of cleaning chemicals that are cost-effective and functionally efficient

One customer stated, “We have calculated time saving of over 12 minutes per load since we installed our Load and Go under our central mix plant. At the same time we are getting a lot less wet loads and creating a safer work place for our drivers. Putting in a Load & GO was a great idea!”


See it in action here.