The wash down process is arguably the most dangerous part of a mixer driver’s job. The Load and Go Ready Mix Truck Wash® completely eliminates the need for the driver to exit the cab to wash the mixer. Gone are the days when a driver was required to exit the vehicle in a high traffic area, climb a wet ladder and lean over a spinning drum to reach all the hard to access points. Now instead of paying drivers to waste time in a dangerous spot, producers across the country are keeping them in the cab and getting them out the gate.

Additionally, by keeping the mixers extremely clean with high pressure water there is reduced need for dangerous chemicals benefiting drivers and equipment. Less residual build up also means less chance for concrete debris to come loose while mixers are on the highway causing cracked windshields and other damage.

This is one of the rare times in business when the safest way to do a job is also the better way as well as the fastest way!



Patent No. US 8,418,702 B2