How It Works

The Load and Go Ready Mix Truck Wash® is an automated drive-through wash system that is highly specialized to thoroughly clean the entire mixer in 45-60 seconds, using around 35 gallons of water. These amazing results are achieved by utilizing 72-88 high pressure nozzles to deliver 1,200 PSI water jets to the entire mixer. Various types of nozzles are specifically designed and precisely aimed to remove cement dust and concrete build up from all areas of the roller pedestal including the drum, hopper, chutes, fenders and even the discharge blades in the drum. The system’s PLC is triggered and controlled by the Interactive Mixer Position Recognition (IMPR), which relays truck position to the driver through an intuitive red/yellow/green signal light. Utilizing up to 6 different wash stages, the Load and Go Ready Mix Truck Wash® ensures that every part of your mixer (cab included if desired) is clean when the driver pulls through.  Compare that to a normal plant washout station with a single high-volume, low-pressure hose using a gallon every 1-2 seconds for 5-10 minutes!

This patented system is greatly reducing cycle times and increasing driver safety from coast to coast in the US and Canada. By placing extreme high pressure water directly to the point where it is needed we can now completely clean the mixer with far less water in much less time. Most systems average 34 gallons of water during a 45 second cycle compared to a driver using a gallon every 1-2 seconds over 5-10 minutes: depending on flow rates, that could be anywhere from 150-600 gallons!