Drum Liners

While we offer several great options for central mix blade liners the actual drum liners themselves are almost always going to be urethane. No other material matches the wear properties at a comparable cost. So if you need urethane drum liners why chose Durex? Because it lasts longer than any other urethane in the market. Check out this brochure (PDF) for more details.

  • Single Pour – No peeling or delamination
  • Molecularly Superior – Longer chains prevent micro tares
  • Stronger Weld Plates – More urethane under plate flange prevents premature release
  • More Weld Plates – More holding power
  • 1.25” Thickness Available – Provides 40% more consumable material
  • Professional Installation – Buy liners and installation in one call

Having spent more than 60 years in the industry Shumaker Industries has seen and installed every major liner option available today. We believe Durex is currently the best option for long wear life and that is why we choose to install these liners in new drums and on existing drums in the field.

Call us for pricing on liners and installation for: Rex, Erie, Coneco, Johnson, Ross, Vince Hagen, Inventure, BMH etc.

Durex Liners In A New Drum

New Higher Weld Plate – Stronger Hold

Thicker Liner Options Available

New Weld Plate – More Holes = More Power