Blades – All Makes With Liner Options

We manufacture replacement blades for central mix drums of all makes and models including; Rex, Erie, Coneco, Johnson, Ross, Inventure, BMH etc. We specialize in making the longest lasting blades available today because we are able to take feedback from producers directly to the factory. We utilize the highest quality materials and combine them with more than 60 years manufacturing experience to make happy customers from coast to coast.


In the mid 2000’s we were an integral part of getting a new innovation to market: wrap around urethane tips replaced flat urethane liners almost completely. Currently we are seeing a proven material replace wrap around urethane. Chromium Carbide Overlay has been around for a long time as a wear material but only recently has it been utilized as a central mix blade liner.  See this brochure to learn more: Chromium Carbide Overlay (PDF).



Option 1

Central Mix Blades

Option 2

Option 3

We offer blade liner options to suit your application - Full Urethane or Full Chrome

Using Chromium Carbide on just the tips saves money over the Full Chromium option

These high speed Rex blades have seen 720,00 yards as of this picture!

Full Chromium is the longest lasting liner option available in the market today

We stock common central mix blades

Chromium on legs prolongs life AND prevents concrete adhesion

Inventure and BMH improvements per customer request

Chrome tips with urethane face balances cost with high wear spots