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The Guys

Since 1953 Shumaker Industries has been building drums that exceed customers’ expectations and our central mix drums are no exception.

Our Formula for Building Long, Lasting Drums

Agg Industries RexQuality  Materials — Use thick, high quality American milled steel plate. We encourage you to compare our material thickness and properties with our competition.  We believe in the tried and proven  concept that  Heavier steel = less flexing = less cracking = longer lasting drum.


Shumaker Industries WorkmanshipDesire to Be the Best — Built by guys who truly want to exceed your expectations. As a small to mid-sized company, we understand the connection between customer satisfaction and our job security.


Experience — When you consider the average length of employment is over 16 years for our production personnel, it is easy to feel assured  that you are dealing with skilled workers that are definitely masters of their trade.

Central Mix Replacement Drum