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Posted on October 3rd, 2011 by shumakeradmin

Environmental Manufacturing Solutions, LLC truck wash products are safe and effective concrete removers that replace the harsh acids used to wash concrete mixers in the past. EMS truck wash is a non-corrosive, biodegradable, and OEM approved acid free cleaner that removes concrete as effectively as traditional acids.

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Fusion anti-stick drum treatment

“Environmental Manufacturing Solutions Fusion”, a revolutionary anti-stick drum treatment is now available at Shumaker Industries. EMS Fusion coats the inside of the drum to reduce concrete build up and reduce wear on the drum. Increase the life of your drum, reduce buildup, and reduce concrete washout time.

Ready-Mix Truck Wash & Wax
Most Innovative Products

“EMS Ready-Mix Truck Wash & Wax”, the world’s safest concrete remover is available at Shumaker Industries. Ready Mix Truck Wash is a safe and effective

Barracuda Concrete Stripper

“Barracuda Concrete Stripper”, the world’s safest concrete remover, is available at Shumaker Industries. Barracuda Concrete Stripper is a concrete remover produced by Environmental Manufacturing Solutions that is more effective than hydrochloric acid and is safe for the truck, the user, and the environment.

Basic CR

“Environmental Manufacturing Solutions Basic CR”, the world’s safest muriatic acid replacement, is available at Shumaker Industries. EMS Basic CR is a safe and effective ready mix truck wash designed to replace harsh acids.


“EMS Alumi-Brite”, the world’s only aluminum brightener and cleaner that is formulated without hydrofluoric or any other corrosive acid or caustic. Environmental Manufacturing Solutions Alumi-Brite does not etch aluminum surfaces to brighten unlike harsh acids, and Alumi-Brite is safe for your personnel to use.

SynClean HD

“SynClean HD”, a patented cleaner/degreaser developed by Environmental Manufacturing Solutions, is available at Shumaker Industries. EMS SynClean HD is and effective cleaner and degreaser that is free of butyls and solvents.

Truck Wash Accessories
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Sprayer System, Brushes and Handles, Fat Handle, Washout Spray Nozzles