RotaBELT History: Leading the way since 1977

RotaBELT of Bouguenais, France pioneered the mixer mounted conveyor in 1977. After fully realizing its potential and perfecting the design they entered the international market in the early 1980’s coming to the United States in 1982. Since that time they have continued to dominate the market in terms of quality, innovation, ROI and worldwide sales/distribution. By focusing entirely on mixer mounted conveyors and always maintaining a “quality first” mindset they have now produced over 8,000 units. Their most recent innovation has been awarded the Most Innovative Product award at the 2016 Wolrd of Concrete Convention. Seeing this kind of commitment to excellence gave Shumaker Industries the confidence to partner and grow with an industry leader. Having a fabricating mindset and over 60 years in the industry, we feel uniquely qualified to bring this product to the US ready mix producer.